This tour provides an exciting way to visit the Puffin Islands near Reykjavík and see Atlantic Puffins. The boat trip takes around 15 minutes to reach the puffin bird colony. Estimates are around 3.3 million birds!

The island of Akurey has around 15,000 pairs of Puffin mates and the island of Lundey around 10,000 pairs. The boat capacity has a maximum of 20 so you can guarantee that the service is more personal and allow you greater freedom to film or photograph the birds. Also provided are a set of binoculars for closer viewing!

The island of Lundey extends to around 400 metres long and 2.2 square km in area. It’s also the home of other bird species including Arctic Terns, Fulmars and Black Guillemots.Puffins look a little like penguins because of their black and white main but are also great swimmers and can dive from a height of 60 metres. They love to live on cliffs because this supplies a good viewpoint for spotting fish to dive for. Their small wings provide them with great swimming paddles under the water with a special swimming technique.

The Atlantic Puffin is also known by its binomial name – Fratercula arctica and is common to the countries of the UK, Iceland, Norway, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. They also exist in Atlantic Canada.

The Puffin Household

Puffins like to live on cliff faces and also burrow and live underground – they like to keep warm in there, especially during the breeding season. The puffin mates stay together for a long period of time, which all sounds very romantic! Did you know that a baby Puffin is called a puffling?

The Westman Isles contain the largest colony of Atlantic Puffins in the world, this island also belongs to Iceland.

Before You Get On The Boat

puffin-boat-icelandDon’t forget to take warm clothes and possibly waterproofs – the weather can be unpredictable.

The whole trip lasts around 1 hour and is friendly for all ages.